Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Exploring Eckhart Weekend

Call it revenge of detoxified tastebuds . As I was convinced and inspired with the new detoxified well being, an encounter with an aunty who brought the past to the present, tossing the known reality to yours truly has thrown my psyche completely off balanced.

In retrospect as I drove away from the middle section of this wondercity I call home that day, wondering; I could not help thinking what seemed like a harmless question was in many ways also to affirm a fact and gaunge my reaction. Unfortunately and unexpectedly for me this minor encounter has completely affected me in less than lovely ways for more than two weeks. :(

A business trip to the east coast; the hours spent in the usual mid year east coast heat - waiting in futile for my nemisis to form skin and its feet; followed by a bout of flu and wrongly prescribed medications; I am extremely glad that the bad is slowly going away, thanks to God's will of allowing me to explore and showing me the many ways and outlets of cooling it off and letting it settled.

My saviour-nonplanned-I-go-wherever-my feet-takes-detachment escapades have taken me to: the knees at halo; local Japan, local Spain, local street of one decadent gem full of sweet treats, ageing the whites for beloved 'nemisis', using the leftover yolks for one sweet sandwich; mixing semolina for a tangy buttery bundt; forcing the mind to complete THAT RUN non-stop; and ultimately to an 'encounter' with Mr. Eckhart with his take on health and life - running, surfing, photography, horses, the outdoors, going out to get what he wants, and creating a life that he wants to live... Sweet :)

My fear of a repeated experience and my concern on how it is still affecting me remains at large, but I am glad and grateful that He had metaforically brought No Reservations' Mr. Eckhart through my recently viewed pages over past weekend.


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